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Classic Salmon Fly Challenge 2008

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Classic Salmon Fly Challenge 2008 Date: Wednesday 27 February, 2008

We are very proud to launch the first world class fly tying competition in Finland!

The rules were updated on the 28th of February 2008!

Helsinki Spey Clave and our associates are very proud to launch the first Finnish international level classic salmon fly tying competition. The purpose of this competition is to treasure the skill of classic salmon fly tying and to introduce less known old patterns to modern generations.


1. The competition is open to all fly tiers. There is no entry fee in the competition. The judges nor the members of the organizing party or their family may not enter the competition. The flies will be judged by a party of recognized classic salmon fly tyers.

2. The competition is run as a so called letter competition meaning that each participant ties his/her flies and sends them to the address given below.

3. There are TWO DIFFERENT COMPULSORY FLIES to be tied to enter the competition. Each participant may enter only by one set of flies. The winner will be determined by the total points of the both of the flies flies.

4. The flies entering the competition should be tied according to classic proportions typical for the current patterns.

5. The competition flies are to be tied into blind eye hooks that are ideal in style for the current pattern and type of fly. The sizes of the used hooks are set in the fly patterns.

6. Materials listed in the CITES Appendixes may be substituted with other suitable materials. Please check you local CITES regulations for more details, especially if attending the competition outside the EU. CITES I Appendix species MUST BE SUBSTITUTED with another suitable non CITES I species!

7. A closed envelope should follow each of the flies entering the competition. Each of the envelopes should be marked with the name of the fly. In the envelope there should be a note stating the participants name, address and an email address. If the participant is under 16 years old there should be a written certificate of the participant's age signed by his or her parents included to be included with the flies.

8. All flies entering the competition will automatically become property of the Helsinki Spey Clave. The flies will not be returned.

9. The flies should be packed with care and sent to the given address on the 30th of April 2008 at latest. Each participant is held responsible for his or her package being post marked no later than the 30th of April 2008 and that the flies will arrive in good condition. If the flies are sent outside the European Union the package should be clearly marked for the customs stating “Fishing Flies, No commercial Value”.

10. Flies should be sent to the following address:
Mikko Stenberg ( campion mondial )
(Classic Salmon Fly Challenge 2008)
Kirkonkyläntie 4 a 3
00700 Helsinki

11. The competition is coordinated by Mikko Stenberg. Any questions concerning the competition can be sent to him as an email:


There are fantastic prices to be won in the competition!

The Winner will be awarded with an exclusive fishing trip worth €1400 to Norway's famous River Stryn 13-18 of July 2008! Stryn is one of those beautiful blue green coloured glacial rivers that the early British Lords fished during the 19th century. The price includes fishing permits and accomodation. This price was donated by Helsinki Spey Clave.

The Second price is a doublehanded salmon fly rod of one's choice from Vision. This price was donated by Vision Group Ltd.

The Third price is a Legend Ultra 12'6” #6/7 doublehanded salmon/seatrout fly rod from St.Croix. This price was donated by Finnlevel Ltd.

The Fourth price is a Guideline Microstrech wading jacket. This price was donated by Guideline Sweden Ltd.

The Fifth price are Simms Rivershed wading boots. This price was donated by Fairpoint Ltd.

For the participants under 16 years old there will be additional prices for the top three:

The first price is Waterworks/Ula Lamson Konic Salmon reel donated by Eloranta Ltd.

The second price is an assortment of Froghair products donated by OPM Ltd.

The third price is a “Perhonsidontakoulu” DVD box (only in Finnish) donated by Summer Fly Ltd.

In addition to the main prices we will have a draw of the following prices:

Scierra CTC Salmon class fly reel donated by Svendsen Sport Ltd.

CND GPS Speyline on one's choice donated by 2H Systems.

“Perhonsidontakoulu” DVD box donated by Summer Fly.


Accurate patterns and additional information for the competition flies can be found in our website. [ Doar membrii inregistrati pot accesa link-urile. Creare cont sau Autentificare ]

Fly 1. The Claret (as per Sir Herbert Maxwell)

Hook: #3/0-4/0 blind eye of your choice
Tag: Flat silver tinsel and golden yellow floss
Tail: Golden Pheasant crest and Blue&Red Macaw **
Butt: Black Ostrich
Body: Red Claret pig's wool with mixed golden yellow pig's wool near the shoulders.
Ribbing: Flat gold tinsel
Bodyhackle: Light Claret from the centre of the body.
Hackle: Jay
Wing: Tippet (back to back); Golden Pheasant tail, Dark Turkey, Speckled Bustard **, Peacock wing, Green parrot ** and Red parrot **; Bronze Mallard on top
Horns: Blue Macaw *
Head: Black

Fly 2. The Dallas Fly (John Dallas, Spey fly)

Hook: #2/0-3/0 blind eye of your choice
Body: "Three turns" of yellow Berlin wool and the rst of black Berlin wool
Ribbings: Oval silver, oval gold, red thread and blue thread wound with even gaps.
Bodyhackle: Black Spey cock wound the reverse way from back to front.
Hackle: Red feather from the rump of Golden Pheasant
Wing: Two strips of plain cinnamon turkey
Head: Orange wool, picked open

* CITES I Appendix listed species. Must be substituted with a non CITES I species!
** CITES II Appendix listed species.

We wish you tight tying threads and enjoyable moments with the competition flies!

Friendly regards,

Helsinki Spey Clave
Pohjolan Perhokalastaja
Vision Group Oy
Finnlevel Oy
GuideLine Sweden Ab
Fairpoint Outdoor A/S
Loop Sweden Ab
Eloranta Oy
OPM Kalastustarvike Oy
Summer Fly
2H Systems
Svendsen Sport A/S

Art Of Fly Tying Forum

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[ Doar membrii inregistrati pot accesa link-urile. Creare cont sau Autentificare ]

intrebari ?

Postat pe:: Marți 11 Martie 2008, 17:48:03

nu ma deranjeaza ... dar sint curios ... nu am postat unde trebe de ai mutat tot subiectul ? ca la mintea mea ... concurs este !  Wink

intreb si io ca sa nu mai gresesc in viitor...
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« Răspunde #1 : Marți 11 Martie 2008, 18:40:07 »

L-am mutat pentru ca merita aceeasi atentie si interes ca si celelate concursuri.
Postul nu a fost modificat, ci doar denumirea generica de "concurs" schimbata cu numele concursului.
« Ultima modificare: Marți 11 Martie 2008, 18:42:12 de către Teodor » Memorat

"Pestii se prind cu undita, iar oamenii cu vorba." - Shakespeare
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« Răspunde #2 : Marți 11 Martie 2008, 18:43:11 »

aha ! acu m-am prins ! deci ai formulato mai frumos ca mine ! Smiley
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